Software Outsourcing Company Millennium Rise Ltd.

Millennium Rise Ltd is a software development outsourcing company specializing on web development and quality assurance. Over the last eight years our company has accumulated a vast experience in offshore it outsourcing services working with all kinds of customers around the world.

While the company specializes in offshore software development outsourcing in specific high load internet portals and web development in general based on LAMP technologies, we have at the same time both participated partially and often developed from scratch all sorts of applications and systems on diverse programming languages and platforms.

Why Millennium Rise?

Genuine and Professional Software Development Consulting. Most software outsourcing companies on the market strive to attract customers at any cost and are prepared to develop any sort of applications or software that a client may wish to order no matter how pointless or unconceivable the project may seem to them right from the beginning. Often clients are tricked to take the route that will lead them to endless and frustrating development process. At a certain moment customer may come to realize that he/she has become a hostage of the investments already made and not willing to lose them he/she is obliged to invest further. There numerous example in which software outsourcing companies have managed to convince its’ clients to invest millions and software development cycle stretched out for years making the idea obsolete prior to launch.

Millennium Rise will help you to access all the risks related to your project, advise you on your best options even if they might not be in the company’s best interest. We will not sign up working on any project that we believe has zero chance to succeed. Millennium Rise highly values customer satisfaction and refuses to be part of projects where objectives are ambiguous and goals are not clear.

Flexible and Individual Approach. While offering it’s own approach for the whole process of software development outsourcing, Millennium Rise is always prepared to adopt client’s individual preferences. An appropriate cost-effective solution is devised to meet the expectations of every particular client. Client is free to choose between any payment models, he/she is more comfortable with. Should it be an agreed fixed budget or charging on hourly basis most often with stipulated maximum number of hours for each stage.

Adaptable Software Development Teams. Our teams consist of highly motivated and goal achieving specialists that are always prepared to adjust for each customer’s preferred work flow methods. The majority of teams have already worked together on a number of projects, which significantly improves internal communication and cooperation. In the beginning of each project a team of most suitable specialists is assembled based on the project requirements and technologies selected. Teams are resizable and adjustable to any changes that may occur throughout the whole software development cycle.

Transparent and Agile Software Development Process. Through the use of our project management and collaboration tools, Millennium Rise presents its clients with the means to oversee the work of every individual member of the team or the combined work of the entire team. Enabling customers to be a part of the whole software development process, Millennium Rise manages to avoid any possible misunderstandings.

Software Quality Assurance Outsourcing. Millennium Rise has a department of QA specialists whose primary objective is to ensure that high standards that are set by the company are met and clients are guaranteed to receive high quality product.

Millennium Rise has developed its own software testing methodologies. Quality assurance specialists use our in-house developed automated software testing tools for running test cases and performance analysis.