The reasons to use offshore IT outsourcing

Let’s try to see where offshore IT outsourcing ogininates from. Probably for some people the reasons, the risks and the benefits of this practice are quite obvious, however for some it will be interesting to know why companies look for some services abroad while you can see a very broad offer on the market of all possible services internally, and this is what offshore IT outsourcing basically is – ordering the development of a particular software or information-related project abroad. So why should companies take the trouble to seek the implementation of their ideas abroad, overcoming the distance, the language and cultural differences and encountering all kinds of risks of outsourcing while it seems to be so easy to just order the same service where they live?

Of course there are lots of qualified and highly skilled IT specialists in the developed world a well, successfully working and providing high-quality software. Nobody challenges the fact that the same program product could be easily obtained in, say, United States or Western Europe. But at what cost?

The thing is that it’s not so common for a company to be large and wealthy enough to keep a staff of full-time programmers, paying them competivite salaries. Without doubt, some bigger corporations which constantly need some software products to be developed for their needs can afford such a “luxury”, however the majority of smaller businesses, especially those which work in a field quite distant from information technologies, would consider hiring full-time software developers as an unnecessary expense, because most often they don’t need anything really global, a website probably or a program to optimize their work – that depends on the sphere of their activities. They often come to the idea of using offshore IT outsourcing to achieve their goals, because it’s not cost-effective to hire an employee internally, or rather several employees, because the scope of expertise of a particular developer might be quite narrow, not enough to fully support the development of the software or the project needed, moreover, generally the narrower is the specialization, the better are the skills – IT is an extremely broad sphere with lots of subdivisions and nuances, where one person cannot know everything. Even such an apparently simple (for someone who never tried doing it) task as designing and developing a website is much better and faster done when shared between several specialists each of whom does a specific job. Such a specificity together with pretty high cost of software development services in developed countries leads to the offshore IT outsourcing becoming quite popular. Millennium Rise as one of IT outsourcing companies incorporates almost a decade of successful work in the sphere of providing software development services on the offshore outsourcing basis.

The development of this sphere of business became possible due to the rapid development of Internet in the end of the last century, which enabled easy and fast communication between different countries and made the instant international transfer of knowledge and all kinds of information possible. Since all or almost all communication, as well as exchange of products, and even the payment for the services is done electronically, the boom of offshore IT outsourcing could not happen earlier. In addition to that, the demand for software development services could not be so high before the growth of Internet use and the computerization of businesses worldwide, either. Nowadays every company wants to have a website, moreover, it seems so natural to ask the web address of a certain company, you’d rather be quite surprised if you found out that the company doesn’t have its own site, right? However each of the sites you see in Internet should be created by someone. And even if it’s possible to create a simple site from a sample, so often a sample is not enough for the company’s needs, and a respectable company would rather have a presentable site which gives a good impression – this is a very serious marketing step in the modern world.

Website development is only a small part of the software development services Millennium Rise specialists are ready to offer for your convenience. Actually the scope of the services available is quite wide, and you are welcome to get acquainted with them, probably you will find what you need. Offshore IT outsoursing in Ukraine might not be as popular as that of other countries, however it’s a fast developing sphere, and Millennium Rise developers have proved to be highly competitive.